Friday, May 25, 2007

TechIE Tuesday!: delivered

This week we hosted in the Instituto de Empresa the "TechIE Tuesday!". The name is based on the gatherings of entrepreneurs and investors at the dawn of endless ideas in the world of internet. It was an initiative organized by the TechIE Club, the first 'big' event since its foundation. Firstly we had the opportunity of listening to Anil de Mello, from Mobuzz TV, a Spanish start-up that has an interesting proposal about internet TV. After, we hosted a panel session with presentations from Google, Vodafone and Zinkia, another Spanish start-up that is being successful creating original cartoons. This debate was moderated by our professor Enrique Dans.

Initiatives like this are examples of win-win scenarios. All the stakeholders get a benefit from the celebration of this event: the Instituto de Empresa appears as the host for student initiatives that gives it a good external image, the speakers and participant companies get visibility in an event in one of the top Business Schools, the attendants have the possibility of listening to top industry speakers for free, and the organizes have the possibility of learning from the experience to organizae an event like this, apart from the networking possibilities open to everyone.


Leinad said...

It sounds great this event!!
I was really looking forward to seeing an initiative like this in Spain.
Do you have some photos or comments about the event?
Congratulations for your blog.

Daniel said...

Thanx! I don't have photos, but the people from Instituto de Empresa helping for this event made some pics. They'll soon post a breif report of the event and maybe they'll add some photos, so you can check in some days the TechIE Club section in the FamilIE weblog. The event was interesting and we achieved to gather several people: students and people working in the industry. Any more comments are welcome, kind regards.

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