Friday, May 18, 2007

Silicon Valley, not alley anymore...

During the last week, I had the opportunity of participating in a trip to San Francisco included in my Management studies at the Instituto de Empresa Business School. It was a great opportunity to 'live' Silicon Valley, the most dynamic zone in the world for new technologies, internet, etc. and one of the models followed by other initiatives throughout the world. From our operations base in the Bay Area we could easily reach Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, ... and visit companies such as Google, Cisco, HP, Sun, Electronic Arts, Ideo, etc., including several conferences and workshops that were very profitable in terms of knowledge of this market.

Having a first-hand view from people inside the valley, we could experience the story of this area like if it were the history of a country: the beginning of dozens of start-ups in garages, the crack of 2000, the environment surrounded by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, financial markets ready for ‘hype-type’ IPO’s, the workforce coming from Stanford, Berkeley, and each time more the very talented people coming from any part of the world, etc., makes the perfect formula for a success story that will still remain as one of the main references in the business world.

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