Friday, January 26, 2007

IP all around us

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a standard for Next Generation Networks (NGN) that will allow operators to offer different multimedia services: video retransmission, PTT (push-to-talk), instant messaging, presence indicator, etc. IMS entails using IP protocol for all the networks, independently of the access. It simplifies the structure so in the application level, there’s more freedom to provide ‘all-platform’ solutions.

Mobile operators are the customers for handset and network manufacturers, which are already offering this technology. And IMS offers them very big possibilities to leverage their 3G networks. And the questions are: how are they going to promote these services to really make them as extensive as possible? Talking about the flat rate model, by the one hand operators seem to be reluctant to impose it, but the market is asking for the flat rate and the idea of making people used to new services through this type of invoicing customers, what would you say?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cyber Society

Today we have an issue that might open our mind to different reflections and ideas about how new technologies and gadgets are changing our lives. Daniel Goleman is the well-known author of the books about Emotional Intelligence and more recently Social Intelligence. They are two interesting concepts that extend the concept of intelligence beyond the classic one. Both are linked and take into account the capacity of people to capture and manage emotions and social relation in a positive manner.

Now let’s turn these concepts into an application to the Digital Society that we have today, specially in big cities full of noise, rush and computerized systems. In our everyday life we see continuously examples of how people spend more time with their fashionable devices that allow them to listen to music, make photographs or play videogames. Some can argue that internet and seamless connectivity is allowing us to establish relations with people far away and make contact easier. However at the same time, don’t you think that the traditional way of living and contacting with the people we meet everyday in our way, is being put aside and substituted by these machines, our ‘new friends’? Where is all this going?

Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone comes to rock the coolness world

It's one of the main news in the new year for the telecom and IT sector: Apple finally decided to launch the iPhone. It's a ver cool (and expensive) gadget with the following characteristics: there's an option with 4 GB and other with 8 GB memory, a 3.5 inches tactile screen, a 2 megapixel photo camera, and connectivity through WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE (GSM based). It's gonna be launched in the USA in June and planned for Europe in the end of this year.

For those of you also Spanish speakers you can find here two opinions from my Master mates Alex and Javier. Personally I see there's a big lack in the connectivity of the iPhone as it doesn't include 3G technologies. I would bet that at least for its European introduction it's going to be upgraded to include 3G connectivity. For example, Nokia N series already have very high capabilities as music reproducers, photo cameras, PDAs and they of course are 3G capable, one year before iPhone landing... Anyway, Apple is clearly leveraging its reputation with the iPod and its high design capabilities. Do you dare to make any predictions?
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