Friday, May 11, 2007

In search of the Paneuropean operator

Blyk is a European venture that aims at creating a pan-European mobile operator. Have you ever dreamt of going anywhere in Europe using your cell phone, without caring which mobile operator is serving you and knowing that they’re not charging you high prices? Thinking in the GSM standard, widely spread in this continent, technically speaking that doesn’t pose a lot of difficulties.

Actually nowadays Vodafone is the operator with more national operators in Europe and could leverage this situation by implementing a true global and unique network. However they’re still keeping each local business separately while starting to unify some back office systems and offering special price plans to their customers to call abroad while using their network. At the same time Blyk is also proposing a different business model, based on being ad-funded. So customers would use their services for free but being receivers of advertising.

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