Friday, October 06, 2006

Knocking down the 'digital divide' wall

One of the main challenges for today's global telecommunications is to 'bridge' the digital divide between different countries, cultural groups, etc. Sometimes we hear statistics about the penetration of information technologies such as internet, and gadgets such as the mobile telephones.

Tackling that is one initiative promoted by Intel, with its 'Intel World Ahead Program'. By facilitating the access of less favored people to personal computers, they want to create a technological infrastructure that can be later on capable of connecting people, where before there was perhaps just an old telephone cabin...

There are other private companies that put their efforts in recycling terminals and equipment. With the synergies and summoning ability of big high-tech multinationals and similar foundations altogether, the results could be really sensitive. A good organization and collaboration from host countries, as well as a strict non-corruption policy, should be essential ingredients for the formula. Do you think that big corporations could at least agree on such matters?

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